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M2M Properties - Commercial

M2M Properties - Commercial

M2M Properties - Commercial

M2M Properties - Commercial
  Full Service Property Management Services

We provide full service asset management of your most valuable investment for placing and managing each new tenant. There are NO set-up fees. You can rest assured that your biggest investment will be managed professionally.

Relax and enjoy your other life activities without wondering what that next phone call from your tenant will bring. In most cases we have found that our fees are more than offset by our ability to obtain higher rents, less delinquency, lower vacancy rates, lower cost repairs, and a faster turnaround of vacating units. So why knock yourself out trying to manage your property by yourself, even if you live nearby.

Property Evaluation:
We determine your property's status, and target market to establish a fair market rental value. Our experience in the rental market ensures that your rental range is competitive, and will be set to minimize your biggest expense - vacancies. We also offer a survey of recommended repairs and upgrades so you will receive the maximum rent while minimizing your liability exposure.

Property Marketing:
Our Marketing & Leasing Service is more than a “For Lease” sign on the property, it’s a full service marketing and advertising plan specifically tailored for your property. From there, we conduct market and neighborhood analysis/surveys to determine the rental rates for your property. Then we create a marketing plan and apply an advertising mix geared towards your property that maximizes exposure. We utilize all available advertising resources and web based advertising to give your property maximum exposure in your specific target market. We also post your property on the M2M Properties Property page. With maximum exposure, and competitive rates, we then can set a high bar in our tenant screening process to ensure that your property is leased to responsible, financially capable individuals or businesses. All advertising is included in our leasing fee or management fees.

Tenant Screening:
We handle ALL inquires and our credit application is designed to obtain complete comprehensive information on each applicant. We run a FULL Criminal History check, Background check, Sex Offender Database check, Financial Credit History check, Prior Residence and former Landlord verification, as well as Income Verification. We will do all of this FOR YOUR PROTECTION, and typically in 24 hours or less, so you will be confident that you have the very best customer for your rental property. View our tenant qualification Guidelines. Final Tenant Approval: Once we have completed all the necessary verifications, we will contact you if the applicant does not meet one or more of the criteria in our stated guidelines. If, during the verification process, we determine the applicant does not qualify, we will inform you of that fact, and determine whether mitigating the issue with an additional security deposit would be warranted, or to simply proceed with the next applicant.

Transition Survey:
A detailed Condition of Premises form is completed and digital pictures taken of the property at both tenant move-in and again at move-out. All available means are used to hold the tenant financially responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. Damage deposits are typically 1 months’ rent and are held by M2M Properties. In the unlikely event of damages occurring in excess of the security deposit, and deemed unrecoverable, the owner would file a claim against the owners property insurance.

Comprehensive Legal Forms:
To offer you maximum protection, our leases are comprehensive, court tested, and comply with all state and federal laws.

Rent Collection & Eviction:
Our rent collection policy is fair but firm. We take quick action to protect your interest should delinquencies occur. In the event legal eviction is necessary we can handle all aspects of the process.

Security Deposit Accounting:
As required by California State Law, if the tenant's security deposit is held in an interest bearing escrow account, the interest is to be paid to the tenant at the time the deposit is refunded.

Comprehensive Accounting Services:
Our accounting and record keeping systems are totally computerized with state-of-the-art software and hardware for accuracy and efficiency. You receive monthly statements detailing all activity on your property. At year-end you are provided with complete summary information and 1099-misc for income tax purposes.

Property Maintenance:
We handle maintenance requests and are on call for emergency repairs 24 hours a day utilizing our pool of qualified and reasonably priced service providers. We do not charge a service fee for coordinating requested maintenance and owner requested ala-carte maintenance services. This is included in the monthly management fee. We do have a full maintenance staff in house and can take of most maintenance repairs. There is a charge for the actual time and materials for the maintenance needed.

Other Services:
We offer Full Realty services through our Licensed Real Estate Brokerage service. We can help you BUY / SELL, and structure a LEASE OPTION that helps you manage your Real Estate holdings. We can help you take the guesswork out of finding viable investment properties in local markets.

Eviction for nonpayment of rent is fast and certain - when the steps are executed properly. We have been through the complete Eviction process many times from filing Unlawful Detainers to submitting claims through our partner collection agency. We may be able to provide you help to get yourself out of a mess, and back into a solid Rental position.

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