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Guidelines for Rental Acceptance

The following requirements must be met before your application will be accepted. M2M Properties has provided the following standard rental guidelines for reference purposes only to those applying for residential properties. Please note that rental guidelines are set by each individual owner and may deviate from the following guidelines.

◊ Applicant

✓ One application shall be filled out for each adult 18 years or older. Each adult applicant must individually qualify to pay the entire rent on his/her own in the event that a roommate leaves during the tenancy.

✓ Maximum allowed occupancy is two people per bedroom and up to three unrelated adults. Some city ordinances may have additional restrictions.

✓ 1-year stability with current job (exceptions - job transfer or starting out in career). Employment check.

✓ Two year clear rental / homeowner history. Landlord reference check.

✓ Income level to qualify (Gross Monthly Income must be at least 2.5 times the Monthly Rent). Employment / Income verification (pay stub is acceptable).

◊ Credit History - Credit report check and Bank funds verification.

✓ A minimum credit score of 550 is required, no questions asked. A score of 550-600 will be required to provide a double deposit. 600 – 650 may be required to provide an additional deposit.
For applicants with a 650 score or greater, the deposit will be 1 time the amount of the rent.

✓ No recent NSF – Non-sufficient funds incidents (bounced checks).

✓ 2 years no late payments after a bankruptcy discharge.

✓ No more than 3 discrepancies accepted (as long as nothing is listed as uncollectible)

✓ No history established (the same as good credit).

✓ No past rent or Mortgage unpaid (additional deposit may required if accepted)

✓ Bad credit rating must be two years or more in the past (with the last two years clean).

◊ A criminal record check will be run.

NO Unverifiable information.

◊ Anything less than this standard may be accepted with prepayment of rent, co-signing by other responsible adults to compensate, or other method agreeable to Owner/Property Manager.

To Apply please fill out application below, print and sign. Email application to or fax to 916-721-9549.
One application per adult (18 and over) to be filled out.

$35.00 per applicant. Use PayPal link below.


Download Application (.pdf)
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